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Remote Central Locking

This is one feature that I consider to be almost a necessity on any car.  Given that the 75 has central locking already, adding remote functionality is straight-forward.
I like these guys RightClick because they're very helpful, they have wiring diagrams specifically for the 75 (surprisingly, not everyone does) :-) and the kit is nice and has a vaguely top-end feel to it.

First steps are to take off the steering column shroud, pop out the little cubby beside the steering wheel, and to release the main fuse-board and let it hang loose.
Now to find a suitable earth for the wiring.  I find it nicely holistic to use the mounting point for the central locking relay itself.  This can be found behind the little cubby that I said to remove earlier on.
Earth point in cubby
Now connect the activators for the indicator lights to the light blue and the light blue & black wires on the steering column.  Of  course I forgot to take a bloody picture of this step.  Sorry about that.
Now connect the locking and unlocking activators to the wiring loom.  The wires you're looking for are the purple and the brown wires in the cable group coming from the door pillar to behind the fuse-board.  [Some documentation says that these might also be purple & black, and brown & black, but in the four I've done I have not seen that]
Now all that's left is to find a nice reliable 12V that is permanently switched (you don't want your remote to stop working when the ignition's off, now do you?)
Check that your power is at least 12V relative to your own .  I use one from the back of the fuse board.  Note how careful I am to check it :-)
Power And voltage

Once you've hooked that in, connect the control unit, tidy the wires, and hide the control unit on the shelf above the fuse-board.  Put everything back together (having first tested that it works) and 'bob's yer uncle'.  Job done.

Adendum: Now, another thing I like about this kit is the spare output for a boot (trunk) release.  In this case here I've not yet wired it, but I have left the trigger free for future use.
boot release trigger

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