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Misc. Bits & Bobs.

This is just a random collection of small easy peasy jobs that I've carried out on Rachael to fix some of the little things that come from owning a 16 year-old Alfa.

Door Seals.

The front door seals on Rachael had seen better days.  I think it happens a lot on the 75 when the bayonet from the safety belt gets trapped on closing the door.  Both mine had rips in them from the olden times.  To cut a long story short, these guys sell the seal by the metre Door Seal manufacturer - Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Rover, Austin Healey, Morris Minor etc.  Iliked their product and, in my case I bought it in red to lighten the interior slightly relative to the old black seal.
Red door seals

Windy Speaker Grills.

It's always annoyed me that the door speakers do not completely fill the grill area allowed for them in the doors.  Instead the extra area acts as a permanently open air intake beside your right thigh!  A lot of the time this is not too noticeable, but on a cold winter's day at seventy miles an hour it's a right pain.  So the only solution is to take the door-cards off [which is tricky and requires care and some proper trim removal tools] and to cut a template from a suitable material to fill the gaps and glue it in place.  Trivial, but warmer :-)
Speaker Card


Boot Floor

Well I for one would never have imagined it, but the boot in the 75 (the TS anyway) is easily on par with cars substantially larger than it.  Specifically in this case, the much later and larger Alfa 166.  In some sort of mad optical illusion, the 75's boot is actually slightly larger than that of the 166.
The downsides of the 75 boot seem to be its opening, which restricts access for certain loads, and the flooring which is basically just an old design.  Unlike a more modern design, we miss out on things like luggage straps and a solid flat base.  Also, because it lies on the metal floor directly, there is no circulation for air, and condensation quickly builds up.  And as for that sound-deadening/wetness trap material.
So, preamble over.  I decided to take a floor from a scrap 166 and fit it in my 75.  First picture shows the carpet from a 75 overlaying the floor from the 166.  As you can see, the only bits of the 166 floor that needed to be trimmed were the details at the back of the boot near the rear seat.
75 over 166

Once that was done I then made up some edge pieces from ply and covered them with bits of spare 75 boot carpet.  Everything then fits in really nicely, and I must confess to being extremely happy with the end result.  Access to the spare wheel is now a doddle, and the luggage straps are sure to be a real bonus. 
Finished job

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